Is Artificial Intelligence The Future Of Public Relations (PR)?

Is Artificial Intelligence The Future Of Public Relations (PR)?

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting deeper into our day today. Few of us could live today without using Google Maps while driving our car to get to meetings without delay or without Alexa making our lives a little easier with the simple use of voice commands.

Beyond factory robotics, the introduction of RPAs for business process execution or AIops for IT tasks is increasingly being discussed in all types of industries. Today, we are going to analyze the impact of AI in the Public Relations (PR) sector.

What Is Artificial Intelligence For?

The main objective of systems powered by Artificial Intelligence is to emulate human behaviour when carrying out certain tasks. This, which for some is considered a worrying element to keep their job, is actually widely used by PR experts. Mainly when automating tasks, being able to increase their capacities and focusing work on tasks that really add value.

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Where Can Artificial Intelligence Help Public Relations (PR) Work?

Artificial Intelligence systems are very good at computing data. Its degree of accuracy and speed is much higher than that of humans. So they can be used for the preparation of daily tasks such as:

  • Assistance in crisis management.
  • Monitor social networks and media.
  • Forecast trends.
  • Write stories with structured (data-driven) data
  • Generate media lists
  • Audio and video transcription to text.

What PR Tasks Cannot Be Done With AI?

According to the BBC website, “ Will a robot take your job? ”( Will a robot replace their job ?), PR professionals have a low probability (18%) of being replaced by a machine.

This is because most of the decisive tasks of public relations specialists require a high degree of “human touch”, such as:

  • Build new business relationships
  • Development of creative strategies
  • Maintain customer trust
  • Creation of original content and stories.

Areas Where AI And Public Relations Offer Good Results

Let’s abandon those fears of AI advancement and dig into some of the ways this technology is positively impacting the world of public relations.

Campaign Planning

Process automation benefits the planning of a PR campaign. Such is the case of precision that a public relations expert needs, that they need to determine when is the best time to launch a campaign, define what is the best means for launching or find the headline that best captures in order to capture the consumer attention.

AI systems can extract valuable information in large databases by providing answers to questions essential to the success of a project, such as:

  • Which social networks are more effective.
  • What day of the week and time of day is the best to connect with the audience
  • Which media or influencers are the most suitable for that campaign.
  • Which headlines are the most appropriate to use.

Execution Of Minor, Tedious And Repetitive Tasks

In the public relations industry, as in other sectors, there are many minor tasks that end up taking up a great deal of time and dedication from professionals. However, that time could be spent on executing actions that really have a positive impact on business creation and that really offer value to the agency.

Some of the minor tasks that AI can automate can be:

  • Creation of interactive reports.
  • Control and content auditing.
  • Alert management.

Accurate Quality And Fast Information

PR agencies and professionals deal with a huge amount of data. Thousands and thousands of interactions for each client and campaign they manage.

Therefore, it is not easy for account managers to quickly and effectively recognize all this information to extract the most significant details from all channels (social networks, emails, media…)

Artificial intelligence can analyze and extract that desired information in record time. To show the PR professional details of

  • The most representative influencers.
  • The haters with the most impact that can harm the brand.
  • Calculate the level of interaction.
  • The means that give the most impact to the campaign/client.


So should public relations professionals fear the advancement of AI? The truth is that no. However, Artificial Intelligence will end up greatly reducing or eliminating the most tedious and repetitive work of communication experts.

All possible tasks to automate will be assigned to the machines, which will eliminate human factor errors. However, all responsibilities related to social skills will continue to belong to humans.

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