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Why is The HUNTR a members-only website now? Because if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product, and we don’t want you to be a product. Read our founder’s welcome letter for more detail, here.

What does a HUNTR member get? In short: A better more interesting life. In detail: 24/7 unrestricted access to The HUNTR’s premium website featuring a curated directory of the very best places in Dubai and the UAE, bespoke guides, a live map, a unique Findr tool to match you with your ideal spot, exclusive HUNTR perks at 50+ of the best places in town (each of which instantly puts your membership fee (and more) back in your wallet) and access to the private HUNTR Instagram channel. Exclusive events, pop-ups, meet-ups and more coming soon, too.

What is a HUNTR member perk and how do I avail one? HUNTR members receive perks at our favourite spots. Once you sign up and log in, you can find all of the perks here. To avail the perk, simply follow the instructions at the top of the corresponding place’s HUNTR listing. An example of a popular perk HUNTR members receive is a complimentary specialty coffee with every main course purchase. Members also receive complimentary cocktail/mocktail welcome drinks at some of the best restaurants and bars in town. The perks are always changing and the list is growing.

What are the membership fees? We have a monthly fee and an annual fee. Find out everything you need to know and sign up here.

I’m a tourist. How can I get access? Simply sign up for a monthly membership and then cancel it when you leave (if you like)…

Can I cancel my membership? Yes, absolutely. Anytime, no strings attached. But you will be charged for either the month or the year you initially signed up for. Once you cancel, you won’t be charged again and your subscription and membership will be cancelled on the date you request it. Therefore it is best to cancel your membership at the end of the period if you intend to continue using it (a couple of days before your next payment is due).

For example, if you pay for a yearly membership on September 1st 2021, and then cancel on September 2nd 2021, you won’t be charged again on September 1st 2022 and you will lose access to the website and membership benefits. It would therefore be better to cancel your membership at the end of August 2022 if you wanted to continue to access the account but had no intention to continue with the membership.

If you are a tourist and only need access for a certain period, purchase a monthly membership and then cancel it on the day you depart the UAE so that you can enjoy the website and benefits throughout your trip.

Can I get a refund? No. We do not process refunds for any membership packages. Simply cancel and then you will not be charged again for the next monthly or annual cycle.

What is The HUNTR’s editorial policy? Find it here.

How can I contact The HUNTR? Via email on hello@thehuntr.com



Membership includes: