Technics AZ80: Great Noise Cancellation Returns With Improved Technology

Technics AZ80: Great Noise Cancellation Returns With Improved Technology

Technics makes its new EAH-AZ80 headphones official, a device capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding users regarding sound quality. Today, at 20Bits, we put its new features to the test.

A battery with up to seven hours of autonomy

It offers an autonomy of about seven hours with noise cancellation activated and up to 24 hours with a full charge in the compact charging case. In the event that you are in a hurry because you have to go to the university or work, this device offers you a fast charge so that you can listen to music for 70 minutes .

To charge the headphones you just have to put them in the case. If there is a situation that the battery of the charging case has run out, a type-C cable is built-in.

Sound Quality And Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation allows you to only listen to your favorite music, taking into account that it isolates you from the noises around you . In my case, I have tried them when I have been walking down the street or on public transport and I have to say that in no situation have I heard a single noise.

Regarding the quality of the microphones during calls, thanks to its eight individual microphones and the advanced reduction of wind noise, the headphones are capable of clearly transmitting the voice of the users, in addition, the technology that it incorporates is responsible for amplify words and minimize ambient noise.

The only drawback that I could find is that when I went by bus and there was a bump in the road, the sound was distorted for a few seconds, preventing the music from being heard clearly.

A Simple Design That Weighs Quite Little

The headphones only weigh seven grams and the model is available in two colors, black and grey. Its design allows this type of headset to be fully inserted into the ear, in addition, it has 8-millimeter drivers .

Inside the box come seven sizes of silicone eartips with sizes XS1, XS2, S1, S2, M, L and XL so that the headphones fit perfectly in the user’s ear.

Evaluation Of The Application ‘Audio Connect’

To use the headphones it is necessary for the user to download the ‘Technics Audio Connect’ application , in this way, synchronization is facilitated and sound settings can be customized through the following options:

  • Ambient Sound Control’: Noise cancellation can be adjusted from zero to 100
  • ‘Off’: Cancellation is turned off automatically.
  • ‘Ambient Sound’: As with the cancellation, this control can also be adjusted from zero to 100 through the options ‘Transparent’ (allows surrounding sounds to enter without changes and the music will not pause) and ‘Attention ‘ (pausing the music emphasizes the voice of the conversation).

On the other hand, there are five sound modes to customize listening to songs according to the user’s tastes:

  • ‘Bass’: Produces a sound effect that makes the bass range wider.
  • ‘Vocal’: Make the singers’ voices clearer.
  • ‘Treble’: A sound with clear mid and high ranges can be obtained.
  • ‘Dynamic’: Gets a deep sound in all intervals.
  • ‘Adapt’: Here you can adapt the decibels of the sound as you wish.

Within these multiple functions, the application also offers the possibility of ‘Search Headphones’ in the event that you cannot find them. If the headphones are turned off, no sound will be emitted, on the contrary, they will emit a noise that will help you find them in situations of loss.

In addition, it is important to note that the main interface of the application shows the battery level of each earphone. In short, the app offered by Panasonic is very complete because it offers all possible services to customize sound quality, listening mode, headphones can be found and it is possible to link up to two devices.

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