Intelligent Automation is Transforming Business Outsourcing

Intelligent Automation is Transforming Business Outsourcing

As per the Gartner report, Intelligent automation is all geared up to transform and fortify business outsourcing. In the era of radically transformative change which is disruptive and redefining traditional business models, vendor management leaders must adequately prepare to restructure their services. And also learn how to renegotiate contact to leverage the full potential of intelligent automation. But, is your organization ready for the change? Let’s understand the force of change influencing the future.

As per Gartner, Intelligent Automation serves as an umbrella term that enfolds a variety of skills, strategies, techniques that service providers leveraging to curb the requirement of labor, cost, and enhance the predictability and reliability of services.

Research director at Gartner, D.D. Mishra said, “Intelligent automation will alter the provision of managed workplace services over the next few years enhancing the service quality at the lowest rate.”

He went on saying “Sourcing and vendor management must prepare to restructure these services and renegotiate contracts to leverage intelligent automation. As the automation-driven of service delivery improvements and Pricing will allow sourcing and vendor management leaders to select a wider range of moving managed workplace service (MWS), which in turn improves quality and cost simultaneously.”

Making a transition from MWS functions that are solely focused on human functionality to the amalgamation of human and intelligent automation services (IAS) will create benefits in both service and pricing quality.

Although the transition to human labor with IAS would be fruitful if the automation services offer cost reduction and quality. Many enterprises have come to realize that simply adding more staff to MWS is not an attainable business and it’s time to turn from reactive to proactive automation.

With intelligent automation services as an integral part of managed workplaces, providers will pass on the part of resultant cost savings to the customers, which will position them competitive and win business.

As per Gartner statistics, intelligent automation can be up to 65% less expensive for MWS such as service desk than for offshore staff. Gartner predicts that until 2021, the market price of commodity services to be declined by 15% to 25% percent.

As per the expected reduction in outsource headcount due to the introduction of intelligent automation, vendor management, and leaders will be compelled to redesign their workforce.

That means there will be a considerable drop in the number of staff required on the service desk, as 70% of the workload will be handled by IAS and 30% of staff will remain. Eventually, this transition will require sourcing and vendor management leaders to consolidate new risk management provisions and modifying the MWS contracts.

As a part of digital transformation, intelligent automation is transforming the landscape of IT services. To give the next generation robotic process automation technologies, organizations must look beyond the technological disruptions and set up a holistic approach to drive the future of automation in the workforce.

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