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Shree Kisan Innovation Hub
977-1-4412216 / 4412406
Thirbam Sadak, Tangal, Kathmandu, Nepal


Shree Kisan Innovation Hub, Media Space Solutions, and Futurex Trade Fair and Events jointly organized the Agri Symposium 2018 which was held at Bhrikutimandap on 16th and 17th of February. The knowledge-sharing event was the first of its kind in Nepal, and covered various topics related to agriculture. The symposium was a platform where all the core market actors—farmers, various companies involved in agriculture, and government officials—got a chance to come together and take part in knowledge sharing, interaction, networking, and product and service promotion. The event was a huge success with over 1,300 registered attendees over the four sessions (this does count the same person multiple times if they attended multiple sessions). The event was broadcasted live through Krishi Television, 67 local FM stations of Janata Media Network, and posted on YouTube; with the total outreach of 20 lakhs people.

Farmers, national and international stakeholders, representatives from the government, co-operatives, associations, development sector, educational institutions, public sectors, students, researchers, dealers, and entrepreneurs attended the event. The selection of attendees was through special invitation, early bird registration, and on-site registration.

The four sessions had an average of 327 people attending each session, with “Innovative Technologies for Farmers” session organized by Shree Kisan Innovation Hub being attended by the most people.

The event was also broadcasted live through Krishi Television, 67 local FM stations of Janata Media Network, and uploaded to YouTube. The total outreach was 20 lakhs people.

The event was very well-received, and people were highly interested in the various sessions. A lot of people were asking about when such events will be held again, and if it’s possible to organize events like this in other locations as well so that more people can be benefitted. People got a chance to meet all the stakeholders and get a huge amount of helpful information from various sources in one place. The presenters as well as the challenge call winners appreciated getting the chance to have their ideas broadcasted to a lot of interested people. There are not many forums for agriculture here in Nepal so this event served as a great platform for farmers. Farmers got a chance to learn from experts so they can make adjustments and improvements. It worked as a knowledge platform. A lot of people also watched or listened to the broadcast via TV, radio, or YouTube. Attendees got general as well as specific knowledge about various agriculture opportunities in Nepal. There were more people wanting to attend the event in person than there were total seats, so that means there is a place for a bigger event like this in the future with room for more attendees.